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Blogging scads on dads and grads

It’s graduation season, and Father’s Day is coming up fast. Who’s blogging on dads or grads?

Here’s a pair of blogging prompt keywords for this busy time of year.


Put up your own blog post on your own blog site. Toss in a link to the Meme Express, if you don’t mind. Then c’mon back, and leave a comment here with a link to your own post. That’s it.

Have at it. Have fun.

Congratulations, grads. Happy Father’s Day, dads. And best wishes for blogging all around.

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A TAXing blog prompt

Mid-April means Tax Day in the US. Are you blogging about taxes? Got helpful ideas for tax preparation, tax documentation and organization, or other tax-related subjects?

Here's the prompt word collection:

C'mon back with a comment, linking to your tax-related blog post, so our readers can find it. It's that simple.


Wheeling in with an Easter blog prompt

Holiday bloggers, take your marks. (And how many bloggers zoom in on holidays when they arrive?) Are you blogging about Easter? Writing about Resurrection Day celebrations, devotions, or ponderings? Perhaps you are publishing about the Easter Bunny. Maybe you're putting up Easter recipes, Easter crafts, or Easter basket shopping tips.

Here's your chance to post a comment with a link to your own Easter entry.

And feel free to use this vintage Easter postcard on your own blog site, if you wish. If so, will you link back to the Meme Express, since you found it here?

Happy Easter all around!


Icy cold blog prompt: Chill out, Valentine!

Brrr! It’s midwinter. Who’s freezing around here?

Or is Valentine’s Day warming your heart, so even your tippy toes are toasty? OK, maybe not.

Even so, here’s a frosty blog prompt to set creative writers in motion.

Feel free to use the artwork. Please be sure to link back to the Meme Express, if you do!

Then c’mon back here with a comment, pointing readers to your own chilly post on your site. It’s just that cool.

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Super Bowl blogging? Bring it on!

Bloggers, take your positions. Super Bowl Sunday starts soon. The kickoff is coming. Who's blogging about the big game?

Are you writing about Super Bowl teams, game history, football statistics, or play strategies. Perhaps you are posting stuff about Super Bowl trivia, historical quizzes, or super photography from past Super Bowls.Maybe you are blogging about the famous or infamous Super Bowl advertisements.

It could be you are even attending the big game and writing about your travels and experiences there.

Publish away! Just be sure to c'mon back to the Meme Express and leave a comment linking to your own Super Bowl blog post. (Please consider including a link to Meme Express in your post as well.)

Enjoy the Super Bowl, sports fans.


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