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Ah-ah-ah-August blog prompts

Summer is slipping by! 

Are you blogging about the season or the fun it includes?

Maybe you’re seeking sunshine or taking a siesta during the dog days of August, hoping to take a break and have fun on a hot beach before back-to-school days are here. Perhaps you are enjoying a summer afternoon trip or an August vacation. Possibly, you’re having a picnic in the evening breeze or planning to relax in a moment of leisure on a road trip.

Voila! There’s your blog prompt – a happy concept for a blog post. 

Do you have a funny summer story to share? Trip photos or videos? Post ‘em on your own blog site!

Grab a few keywords from the word cloud for your blog post.

Write your own entry, including a courtesy link to Meme Express in your post. Then stop back here with a linked comment, so readers can follow to your site.

August word cloud created by this user on WordItOut

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