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Amazing Autumn

Amazing Autumn

Fall is here!

Flowers are fading, but vibrant foliage is appearing, as green leaves explode into bright autumn colors before tumbling to the ground.

Nights are cooler, and sweaters are coming out of hiding.

Kids of all ages are beginning to brainstorm for Halloween trick-or-treat costume ideas. Teachers are devising autumn-oriented lesson plans and decorating classroom bulletin boards in bright autumn hues.

Fashionistas are stowing summer togs to make more room in their closets for mid-weight jackets, trousers, boots and other seasonal styles.

Outdoor sports lovers are dusting off hiking boots and tuning up bikes for autumn trail trips.

Home decorating buffs have swapped front-door wreaths and pastel displays, replacing them with corn husks, gourds, Indian corn, pumpkins and fall flowers.

Who’s blogging about autumn?

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Happy Labor Day!

It's Labor Day weekend!

 As we recognize the unofficial end of summer, we also honor the American worker.

Those of us who still have jobs may count ourselves blessed, both for our active employment status and for the opportunity to take a day off and relax. Folks seeking employment may see the day quite differently.

What concepts or concerns does Labor Day bring to mind for you?

How are you spending the three-day weekend?

 Will you prepare a picnic? Take a walk in the woods or a stroll in the sand? Gather with family and friends?

What does Labor Day mean to you?

Why not put up a blog post on Labor Day? Keywords might include boss, career, coworkers, employer, holiday, job, profession, unemployment, vacation or work.

Be sure to leave a comment below with a link to your Labor Day post!

Happy Labor Day!

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