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Two-Faced Double Dealers

Remember Two-Face from the Batman series? 

Harvey Dent, Gotham City’s Defense Attorney, was dented indeed, once he became the duplicitous villain known as Two Face. Actor Aaron Eckhart played Two Face in the latest Batman movie, titled “The Dark Knight.”

Of course, two-faced people have been around a lot longer than Batman.

What does it mean to be two-faced?

Here are 30 synonyms for one who is two-faced:

Being two-faced isn't pretty.
  1. artful
  2. backstabbing
  3. beguiling
  4. crafty
  5. conniving
  6. cunning
  7. deceitful
  8. deceptive
  9. dishonest
  10. disingenuous
  11. double-dealing
  12. duplicitous
  13. faithless
  14. false
  15. fishy
  16. foxy
  17. fraudulent
  18. guileful
  19. hypocritical
  20. insincere
  21. knavish
  22. lying
  23. misleading
  24. phony
  25. shifty
  26. sly
  27. sneaky
  28. tricky
  29. underhanded
  30. untruthful
Who feels like blogging? Do any of these two-faced terms give you fodder for a blog topic?

Batman Annual #14
Two Face Cover Art by Neal Adama
Fair Use Photo
By Cory Doctorow
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