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Blanking Out for Blog Posts

Who’s drawing a blank, when it comes to blogging topics?

Are you wracking your brain and coming up empty for your next post? Do you feel as if your mind may have become a clean slate overnight?

Don't worry. Most writers feel that way occasionally. That's where writing prompts and story starts can be so helpful!

Today’s writing prompt is simple: 


What ideas does that word bring to mind?

blank check
entry blank
blank stare
fill in the blanks
blanking out
draw a blank
blank slate
at point blank
blank expression
shooting  blanks
blank page

By now, you may just want to shout:

blankety-blank- blank- blank- blank!

Now, go fill in the blanks on your own blog template. Then c’mon back, and  leave a comment with a link to your “blank” post.

Drawing a Blank
Artwork by Nickers and Ink
Creative Communications

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