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Debatable Political Prompts for Bloggers

The final countdown has begun for American voters, with Election Day coming up fast.

Are you watching the Presidental Debates? Reading the headlines? Choosing your candidate?

Blog away!

Here’s your chance to sound off, chime in, and add your two cents’ worth.

Consider these word-prompts.

  • agendas
  • ballot
  • candidate
  • Capitol Hill
  • constituents
  • debate
  • Democrat
  • donkey
  • economy
  • elections
  • Electoral College
  • elephant
  • facts
  • fiction
  • health care
  • issues
  • jobs
  • media
  • opinions
  • President
  • politics
  • Republican
  • running-mate
  • slogans
  • special interests
  • speeches
  • vote
  • Washington
  • White House
  • and more!
Grab any of these words or ideas. Post your own blog entry on your site, linking to this post. Then c'mon back, and leave a comment with a link to your post, so our readers can find you. It's that easy!

Democratic and Republican Party Mascot Logos
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