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A near-heavenly host of happy holiday blog prompts

Holiday bloggers are up and running, with the festive season underway.

Need helpful writing topics or blog prompt ideas? Check out this Christmas assortment!

There you go! Write a poem or a holiday memoir. Make up a joke, or produce a puzzle. Create a photo montage, or put up an original sketch, if you know how to draw. Have fun with it.

Remember: You are welcome to use any or all of these words to create your blog post on your own site. 

Just be sure to double back here, and leave a comment with a link to your own post, so our readers can find it.

And, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, please include a link to the Meme Express in your blog post, indicating where you found the prompt idea!


Happy holidays to all!

Word cloud by Nickers and Ink Creative Communications
Please credit and  link back
 to MemeExpress,
if you republish the artwork 
on any other site.

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    What do Christmas Decorations Mean?

    I messed up the last one, put the link in wrong. Nothing bad!

  4. My First Christmas in Sweden!!



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