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A to Z holiday blog prompts: E is for ELF

Is everybody an elf at Christmastime? OK, maybe not everyone. But plenty of elves may be seen at this time of year.

Are you blogging about elves in Santa’s Workshop? Posting Elf on the Shelf photos? Blogging about making your own toys and Christmas crafts? Watching or reviewing the Elf Christmas movie?

Catch a glance of the next entry in a Christmas countdown series at the Meme Express.

E is for ELF.

Excellent! Write and publish your own blog post. Use the elf artwork, if you want to (with a Meme Express credit caption or photo tag, of course!) Hurry on back with an http link comment, so our readers can discover what you have published online.

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  1. Here's a sweet story about Santa's elves - a children's ABC picture book in rhyme, with whimsical illustrations by a talented young artist. What's in Santa's Sleigh This Christmas?



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