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Super Bowl blogging? Bring it on!

Bloggers, take your positions. Super Bowl Sunday starts soon. The kickoff is coming. Who's blogging about the big game?

Are you writing about Super Bowl teams, game history, football statistics, or play strategies. Perhaps you are posting stuff about Super Bowl trivia, historical quizzes, or super photography from past Super Bowls.Maybe you are blogging about the famous or infamous Super Bowl advertisements.

It could be you are even attending the big game and writing about your travels and experiences there.

Publish away! Just be sure to c'mon back to the Meme Express and leave a comment linking to your own Super Bowl blog post. (Please consider including a link to Meme Express in your post as well.)

Enjoy the Super Bowl, sports fans.


  1. Let’s make a run for it – with this 4-quarter and 4-course Super Bowl Party menu. That’s the trick. Serve one course per quarter in the big game:

    Super Bowl Party: 4-course - 4-quarter party menu

    Click the link to read the post - and find easy, festive, delicious Super Bowl Party recipes to try.

  2. Here is one I wrote in preparation for The Big Game:

  3. Thanks for allowing shares L. Nick.



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