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Going aloft with a fresh writing prompt for bloggers

Sometimes it takes a little extra reaching to come up with a bright new idea for a blog post, sketch, journal entry, short story, poem, photo, or other creative work.

Here’s one to consider:

on cloud nine

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And here’s an oldie that seems to fit here:

"Cloud Nine" - The Temptations (1969)

“I’m doin’ fine

On cloud nine.

Let me tell you about cloud nine.”
I’m not exactly sure how this phrase originated, although I did a little exploring. It seems to have had something to do with varying cloud altitudes. A cloud labeled “nine” would be regarded as quite lofty. Presumably, a person on cloud nine (if that were even possible) would be floating way up high.

How does such a concept make you feel? What creative ideas does it foster?

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