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Stitching up something special with new blog prompts

Searching out new notions for blog posts (be they verbal or artistic or photographic or another form) can leave one feeling sort of frayed. Sometimes a blogger simply must patch together some seemingly unrelated concepts. It may even feel like zig-zagging. Other times, things may flow as smoothly as silk.

Gather your wits, and see if you can find the silver lining. Here comes today’s buzzword prompt:


A-hem. A-hem. (Sorry, had to. That pun was only so-so.)

Oh, darn. Not to sound biased or binding or to go against the grain, but is that keyword prompt tailor-made for your next blog post? Go ahead. Iron it out!

Please consider linking to the Meme Express, if you use this prompt. And c’mon back with a comment link to your own post, so my readers can find it!

Word graphics created by
The Meme Express

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