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Friday Freedom #14

All Aboard the Meme Express – Friday, January 30, 2009

At last! It’s Friday – time for Friday Freedom at the Meme Express.

What is Friday Freedom? It’s a Writer’s Choice prompt. Post what you like (on your own blog), and return here to leave a comment with your link.

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  1. Here is my poem inspired by a photo prompt:

    Life Denied


    Who shares your birthday?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, January 30th

    January 30: Today's Notable Birthdays

    Happy birthday: Christian Bale, Dick Cheney, Phil Collins, Gene Hackman, Vanessa Redgrave, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Payne Stewart and others. Is January 30th your birthday? How will you celebrate? What notable individuals share your birthday?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, January 30th

  3. NBC Rejects Pro-Life Ad for Super Bowl Time Slot
    NBC seems to be censoring television advertising for Super Bowl XLIII, but possibly for a surprising reason. The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has pulled a pro-life advertising spot from the Super Bowl XLIII television presentation lineup.


    inspired by word freedom ;)



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