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Sunday Invitation – for May 10th

Sunday Invitation – for May 10th

Icon IV (Face)

By Keith Haring


It's Sunday again, and the MEME EXPRESS invites you to join us at SIMPLY SNICKERS for today's prompt:




You will find a bit of background and some lovely fine art for the occasion. Use the art and prompting questions, or not. It's your choice! Just click the SIMPLY SNICKERS icon to visit and view today's poetry prompt (or the archives):

Don't forget to c'mon back and leave a link to your post!

Be sure to bookmark the MEME EXPRESS . . . so you can come back tomorrow for a new blogging prompt!

1 comment:

  1. Wot no comments!!!! I thought there'd be lots responding to your art prompt, which I found quite delightful (but not on my wall!)



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