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Thursday Thinking and Inking - Cards

All Aboard the Meme Express – Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do you play cards? Do you play to win – or just for fun? What’s your favorite card game? Do you know any card tricks? Have you ever cheated at a card game? Has anyone ever cheated on you at cards? 

Where do you play cards? Do you host a poker night? Do you play at a club or another gathering? Or do you travel to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Reno or another casino site to play cards?

Perhaps you like to play card games online. What's your favorite online card-playing site? What's the highest score you have ever won at and online card game?

Here’s today’s thought-provoking quotation for Thursday Thinking and Inking at Meme Express.

“One should always play fairly
When one has the winning cards.”
Irish poet and humorist
(1854 – 1900)

Each Thursday, we offer feature a quotation as inspiration for that day’s prompt.

The Meme Express for today is simple:


We’re dealing you in! Join the fun.

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