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All Aboard the Meme Express – Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the United States, the 2008 Presidential campaigns are in full swing, with candidates stomping and stumping all across America. As a result, teleprompters are everywhere, too. In fact, these handy speech-cuing devices are making headlines of their own, as voters and political pundits ponder what political candidates might sound like in-person and unplugged.

The Meme Express keyword of the day is teleprompter:

Did you ever use a teleprompter?
Did you ever wish you had a teleprompter?
If you had a teleprompter, what would it prompt you to say?
How do you feel about public speaking?

Post your poem, story, song, photo or other entry on your blog. Feel free to use the artwork and questions . . . or not. See what prompts you!

Be sure to include a link to the Meme Express.
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if you want.

Then come back here, and post a comment with a link to your own entry.

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Of course, if this prompt seems to stump you, you are free to peruse the archives of the Meme Express and publish a blog post on an earlier prompt.

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