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Sunday Invitation – for April 18th

Sunday Invitation – for April 18th    

Are you digging into a delightful spring weekend?

This is your invitation to SIMPLY SNICKERS – home of weekly poetry prompts, accompanied by classic fine art. Here’s this week’s sampling:

By Constantin Meunier
circa 1888

It's Sunday again, and the MEME EXPRESS invites you to join us at SIMPLY SNICKERS for today's prompt:

You will find a bit of background and some lovely fine art for the occasion.

Use the art and prompting questions, or not. It's your choice! Just click here: SIMPLY SNICKERS to visit and view today's poetry prompt (or the archives):

Don't forget to c'mon back and leave a link to your post!

Be sure to bookmark the MEME EXPRESS . . . so you can come back tomorrow for a new blogging prompt!  

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