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Thursday Thinking and Inking - Reason

All Aboard the Meme Express – Thursday, April 22, 2010

German Metaphysical philosopher and author Immanuel Kant was born on April 22, 1724. Immanuel Kant's most famous published works included Critique of Judgment. Critique of Practical Reason. Critique of Pure Reason. Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals and Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone.

Here’s a quotation from Immanuel Kant, offering his own political commentary, for Thursday Thinking and Inking at Meme Express.

All our knowledge begins with the senses,
proceeds then to the understanding,
and ends with reason.
There is nothing higher than reason.
Immanuel Kant
(1724 – 1804)

Each Thursday, we offer feature a quotation as inspiration for that day’s prompt.

The Meme Express for today is simple:


Perhaps this concept will inspire you to create and post a drawing, a poem, a photograph, a short story, or a journal entry.  Then return here to leave a comment with your link. (Be sure to include a link to the Meme Express. Grab our train graphic from the sidebar for your link, if you want.)

Of course, if this blogging prompt leaves you baffled, feel free to peruse the archives of the Meme Express and publish a blog post on an earlier prompt.

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    Rather unreasonable nonsense!

  6. A post in spanish about the subject.

    I used the pic, thanks!



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