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Friday Freedom - April 23rd

All Aboard the Meme Express – Friday, April 23, 2010

Starting today, the King Tut exhibition, “TUTANKHAMUN AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE PHARAOHS,” is on display in New York City (from April 23, 2010, through January 2, 2011).

Additional cities on the King Tut tour include Denver and Toronto. Are you going to see King Tut?

Do you remember comedian Steve Martin’s send-up of the ancient Egyptian boy king, “King Tut”? Here it is:


Welcome to Friday Freedom – the start of a wonderful weekend.

It’s Friday Freedom at the Meme Express. Pick any subject you like for your blog post. Today you can take your own track.

What is Friday Freedom? It’s a Writer’s Choice blogging prompt. Post what you like (on your own blog), and return here to leave a comment with your link. (See “Super-Simple Linking” for instructions on creating active links.)

In your blog post today, be sure to include a link to the Meme Express. Feel free to grab our train graphic from the sidebar, and post an active link on your own blog. Why not add the Meme Express to your blogroll?

Note: If you participate regularly at the Meme Express, and you would like to join our blogroll, please let us know in your comment. We’d be happy to add you, if you play often.

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