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All Aboard the Meme Express – Thursday, November 6, 2008

On November 6, 1965, The Rolling Stones hit the top of the music charts with their hit single, “Get Off My Cloud.” The song held onto this lofty spot for two weeks. Here it is:



Today’s Meme Express prompt is all about clouds.

Here are a few optional questions, to jump-start your inspirational engine:

Do you like clouds?

Can you tell the difference between a cirrus, cumulus, nimbus and stratus cloud?

Have you ever seen shapes in the clouds?

How does a cloudy day make you feel?

How might clouds be a metaphor for life?

Do you feel sunny or cloudy today?

Does the weather affect your mood?

Perhaps this concept will inspire you to create a drawing, a poem, a short story, or a journal entry. Then return here to leave a comment with your link. (Be sure to include a link to the Meme Express. Grab our train graphic from the sidebar for your link, if you want.)

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Feel free to bookmark it for future reference!

Of course, if this prompt seems to stump you, feel free to peruse the archives of the Meme Express and publish a blog post on an earlier prompt.

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