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Monday Mayhem - Advertising

All Aboard the Meme Express – Monday, February 1, 2010

Here are some image highlights from the televised Super Bowl ads of 2010.

Did you happen to catch these commercials during the big game?  Can you name the product/s, services or companies these Super Bowl ads were intended to promote?

 Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? What was your favorite Super Bowl advertisement?

Which televised commercials made you laugh, and which Super Bowl ads made you groan? What did you think was the best Super Bowl commercial, and what was the worst?

Which Super Bowl ads were the most memorable … and which Super Bowl ads were the most forgettable?

In summary, which 2010 Super Bowl ads were worth the $2.5 million to $2.8 million for 30 seconds of global television airtime?

Which ads were not worth the effort ... or the expense ... or even viewers' time and attention?

And what did you think of the half-time performance by The Who? (How did you think Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and the rest of The Who performed during the Super Bowl half-time show?)

Heads up! Here’s Monday Mayhem at the Meme Express. The Meme Express for today offers this prompt, which may seem somewhat promotional:


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