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Monday Mayhem - Coffee

All Aboard the Meme Express – Monday, February 1, 2010

Have you had your morning coffee yet? Do you drink coffee? What’s your favorite brew?

It’s Monday – time for Monday Mayhem at the Meme Express. The Meme Express for today offers this stimulating prompt:


Perhaps this concept will inspire you to create a drawing, a poem, a short story, or a journal entry.  Then return here to leave a comment with your link. (Be sure to include a link to the Meme Express. Grab our train graphic from the sidebar for your link, if you want.)

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Of course, if this prompt seems to stump you, feel free to peruse the archives of the Meme Express and publish a blog post on an earlier prompt.

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  1. A Mallow Cup? Soothing My Mind with a Treat Refined

    What's your poison? Do you love coffee? How do you take it? Like a favorite pair of slippers or a treasured quiet spot, a delicious cup of hot delight can be a total treat. Why mess with perfection?
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  2. Coffee Break - a Poetic Addressing at One Who's a Blessing

    Like a fully loaded, fully leaded cup of special blend coffee, a friend can inspire us, as no one else can. Humor, encouragement, and a peppy pick-me-up may be just the ticket, when it comes to a writer's inspiration.
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  3. Laundry Lingo: How-To Remove Stubborn Coffee Stains

    Yow! Did someone just bump into you and tip your coffee cup? Did your mocha or latte splash all over your pinstriped suit or silk blouse? How can you get that deep, dark stain out of your fabric garment?
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  4. The Mean Bean - a Rhyming Spurt to Stay Alert

    What's wrong with having more caffeine? I read this in a magazine. Headaches, nerves and lack of sleep; One cup, and you can get in deep.

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