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Monday Mayhem - Sweet Mixup

All Aboard the Meme Express – Monday, February 15, 2010

Has the Valentine’s Day sugar high kicked in yet – or are you already crashing? Are you having a post-Valentine's Day chocolate hangover?

What's the cure? (Probably more chocolate.)

Here’s Monday Mayhem at the Meme Express.

The Meme Express for today offers this mixed-up prompt. Choose as many prompt words as you can for your blog post today:

Who knows? Perhaps these blogging prompt words will inspire you to create a drawing, a poem, a short story, or a journal entry.  Post away! Then return here to leave a comment with your link to your own blog post. (Be sure to include a link to the Meme Express. Grab our train graphic from the sidebar for your link, if you want.)

Need help making an active link?
Feel free to bookmark it for future reference!

Of course, if this prompt seems to stump you, we welcome you to peruse the archives of the Meme Express and publish a blog post on an earlier prompt of your own choosing.

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