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All Aboard the Meme Express – Saturday, July 19, 2008

“John Bull, The Leviathan of the Ocean”
(London: W. Holland, Dec. 12, 1798)
Public Domain

Our Meme Express prompt today is all about sailing.

See where the wind takes you!

Are you a sailor?
Do you love the open seas?
What is imPORTant to you?
Have you ever skippered a boat or ship?
What is your favorite SEASon?
Do you enjoy traveling by ocean liner?
Have you ever been on a cruise?
Are we all in the same BOAT somehow?

Post your poem, story, song, photo or other entry on your blog. Then come back here, and post a comment with a link to your own entry. (Need help making an active link? See Super-Simple Linking. Feel free to bookmark it for future reference!)

Use the image and the questions . . . or not. These are just thought-provokers . . . to get you started.

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