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B is for building blog readership by sharing B-posts for April's A-Z Challenge.

Bloggers participating in the April A to Z Challenge mark the second day with beautiful and bountiful B-Day posts.

What’s your B-post all about?

Share a link to your B-Day blog entry in a comment here.

Are you beside yourself, trying to make  a hyperlink to include in a blog comment? It’s easy, if you know the html coding.

Here’s how to make a titled hyperlink for your B-Day April A to Z blogging posts.

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  1. Here's the Flat Stanley one, geared towards kids learning in a fun way. I'm hoping they will do the exercises with adults AND that they'll make their Flat Stanley take it somewhere and share their experience with me on the blog.

    Flat Stanley and B

    Oozing Out my Ears a real variety of stuff Blogging

    My Travel Blog, what to see and do and what to avoid. Bluffton and Beaufort South Carolina

  2. Flat Stanley link didn't work...trying it again
    Flat Stanley and B

  3. ok, Flat Stanley is now a link but it says it's not registered? What does that mean. Sorry, here's the cut and paste. Did it the same as the other 2???


  4. B is for Balance at Reflex Reactions - I am going to get this link thing right one day... :)

  5. - Meet Brack the Boggis

  6. Let me see if I pass this test :)

    Bleeding Hearst found here

    Hope it worked :D


  7. I'm doing an A-Z of Songs.

  8. Positive Thinking through Post-it Notes! If anyone needs some motivation, or a cheer every now and again, stop on by.

    B is for Believe

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)



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