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A is for ably sharing your April A-Z Challenge A-posts here

A to Z bloggers, start your engines. April is here.

Got an A-Day post for the April A to Z blogging challenge? Post your link in a comment.

Need instructions for making a hyperlink in a blog comment? It’s easy, if you know the HTML coding. Really, it’s just cutting and pasting a few codes. Find out how here.

A is also for awesome.

What did you write today – for A-Day?

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  1. My A post is about a local historical home. Hope I ably share with the following link!

    Jenny at Choice City Native


    Animal Lovers Flat Stanley Adventures

  3. My A post is for the founder of the challenge: Arlee Bird!

  4. You're awesome *said in an Austin Powers voice*

    A is for Abundance at [ahref="http://"]ReflexReactions[/a]

    [ a href=""] SIMPLY SNICKERS - poetry prompts [/a]
    Thanks for the hyperlink info.

  5. I don't think anyone followed your link tips. my Monday post

  6. My A post starts my series about the summer of my 17th year. A is for The Arrangement.

  7. Thanks for doing this, just added a 3rd blog....and the only post I've yet written is A...must be nuts.

  8. I'm doing an A-Z of Songs.

  9. I'm in! I wrote about Almonds and Analytics! Yep, I'm crazy with TWO blogs in this hop! Woot! ~ Angela, A to Z participant from Web Writing Advice ( and Whole Foods Living (



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