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E is for enticing readers by sharing E-posts at the Meme Express.

“Ello there. It’s E-Day for April A to Z bloggers. 

And you know what that means, if you’ve been visiting the Meme Express already this week.

Have you written an excellent or entertaining entry for E-Day?

Share it with our readers by posting a comment (below) and including a link to your E-post (Here’s how.), so fellow A to Z participants and our other readers can find what you have published.

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  1. A-Z of Songs

  2. E is for Encourage!

  3. E is for Embrace!
    Embrace your past to move forward -

  4. Finding this site hi-jacked a BIG chunk of my day but hell, it's Friday and so - what FUN! My E is for EASY! NOT! Go See, it's pretty funny!

  5. My E post is E-connected (or E-Addicted at Come on by.



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