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Fitting and Frankly Fictional F-prompt for the A to Z Blogging Challenge

F is for “The Fugitive.”

Harrison Ford went on the lam Richard Kimble, a man accused of murdering his own wife in this 1993 action thriller movie. Tommy Lee Jones, portraying U.S. Marshals Deputy Samuel Gerard, chased him down and took home a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his efforts.

The film recalled a 1960s television series of the same name, starring David Janssen in the title role.

Does this exciting movie clip fill you with fine fodder for an F-Day blog post? And can anyone remember what happened to the mysterious one-armed man?

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“The Fugitive” movie poster
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  1. This film is actually one of my greatest inspirations to write. I remember watching it for the first time and thinking how awesome it would be to write something that compelling and emotional!

  2. I love that the series and the movie were both based on a true story! I find the truth to be even more compelling than fiction at times.

    Love this movie. It's pre-Calista Flockhart Harrison Ford, when he was the movie star of my dreams. *sigh*


  3. The Fugitive is one of my all-time favorites. Harrison Ford is fantastic, but Tommy Lee really drove that movie! Love him!

  4. Great movie. I liked the TV show, too. But, at least the movie ended the story quicker! Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. Hard to find a better match-up.
    Wandered over from Giggle, Laugh, Cry. I was happy to see a movie trailer.

  5. I never saw this movie, but I love Harrison Ford!

  6. I remember the original movie of the fugitive! It was great!

    Harrison Ford played the role well also. And, Tommy Lee - I love him!

    Can't say I do remember what happen to the one armed man.



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