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Prodigiously Punchy P-prompt for the A to Z Blogging Challenge

P is for “The Pink Panther.”

Starring as French detective Jacques Clouseau, Peter Sellers mispronounced phrases and practically prevented police from solving a crime involving a giant pink diamond, chasing a jewel thief known as The Phantom in this 1963 comic film.

The cast, directed by Blake Edwards, included Robert Wagner, David Niven and Capuchine. Henry Mancini did the music.

(A revised version of “The Pink Panther,” starring comedian Steve Martin, appeared in 2006.)

Here’s the promotional trailer from the original film.


Did you catch a proverbial clue for a P-Day blog post?

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1 comment:

  1. My dad was obsessed with these movies. It's weird to see how the tone shifts into outright comedy as the series progresses. And I'm a fan who also likes the Steve Martin version.



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