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Dare to Dote and Quote in Blogging Posts

Dare to Dote and Quote in Blogging Posts

It’s D Day. Do you dare to define dreams? What popular quotations might help with the process? Can you decide upon any famous authors, speakers or writers to cite today?

Here are a few decorated denizens you might select:

D is also for discussion. As a blogger, how can you be in touch with your readers? Check out Lisa Mason's  "Give Your Blog Readers What They Want," and find out about email and blog fans. Should bloggers include email addresses on their sites? What's your take on this issue?
Happy A to Z!

 Of course, Tuesday is Pick-a-Prompt Day at the Meme Express. That means you can pick any prompt (from the sidebar), if you wish.

Please leave a comment below (with a link to your post), so readers can visit your blog!

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  1. I dare to dote. Too much, perhaps.

  2. I have a weird dreams blog here on Blogger. I have always loved Walt Disney. His imagination astounded me. And Gayle Delaney offers the best dream interpretation books ever. Here are my blogs:

  3. Lot of D prompts...I wish I had seen this post earlier :)



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