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Calling Off Caution for Blogging

Calling Off Caution for Blogging

It’s C Day. Can you come up with something to crow about? Caution! Creative communications can become as addictive as cotton candy, carrot cake or your favorite colas!

Consider this cloud of confusion:

C is also for careers. What professional endeavors appeal most to writers? Here are "25 Writing-Related Careers for Aspiring Authors," by Linda Ann Nickerson. Check it out!

Happy A to Z!

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  1. Wow - what a grand idea!

    I look forward to checking in when I am at a loss for decent subjects (although brainstorming my own I seem to have an abundance and could write 3 or 4 posts a day at this rate!)

    See my "C" check in.

  2. Love words, love this blog! Got my C blogs in for the day...but will be checking back, what a great resource.

  3. Great idea--and a very cool concept for a blog!



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