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Inviting Ideas for Blog Posts

Inviting Ideas for Blog Posts

Ay-ay-ay! It’s I Day. What important ideas or illusions can you share with your blog readers today? Do you hold ideals of idiosyncrasy or iconoclasm, when it comes to your ideological icons? Is your inkwell running dry from your imaginative innovations?

I is also for infringement, as in copyright violations. If you are a blogger or web writer, do you know how to find out if a content pirate has stolen your work? And what can you do about it, if you find out that this has happened?

How to Uncover Plagiarism with Google Alerts 
How to Report Plagiarized Items to Google 

Personally, I have found countless examples of my own work being reprinted and republished without advance permission. In some cases, folks have courteously remedied these situations. Some have purchased reprint rights. Professional follow-up is the key!

Happy A to Z!

Don’t forget to bookmark the Meme Express, so you can return for additional blogging prompts, as the A to Z Challenge continues throughout April.

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  1. I've found tons of my work copied (stolen!) using copyscape. Most of the time, the owner of whatever site my original piece is on follows up on plagiarized material, once I've alerted them to the situation.

    I have a really low tolerance for plagiarism!

    My “I” post is here:



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