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Making Magic and Mayhem with Blog Topics

Making Magic and Mayhem with Blog Topics

My! My! My! It’s M Day for the A to Z Challenge. Congratulations to all. We’re halfway today.

Take your mark! Make a magnificent or menacing mood more meaningful in minutes with an M-word blog post.

Here’s a musical memory to make an M-related impact on bloggers’ minds. Hey, hey, my, my. Old bloggers never die!

M is also for movies. 

Do you know what goes into a movie review? Make sure you read "How to Write a Movie Review before you publish yours! Then go to your favorite movie site, or apply to a web publishing platform like the Yahoo! Contributor Network or Examiner to publish your expert film evaluations! (Tell 'em Linda sent you!)

If you love music, you might also want to try your hand (and your ear) at performance reviews.

How to Write a Review of a Musical or Play 
How to Write a Music Review of a Live Concert 

Happy A to Z!

Don’t forget to bookmark the Meme Express, so you can return for additional blogging prompts, as the A to Z Challenge continues throughout April.

Please leave a comment below (with a link to your post), so readers can visit your blog!

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