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Searching for Subjects for Sweet Blog Posts

Searching for Subjects for Sweet Blog Posts

Sssssh! It’s S Day for the A to Z Challenge. Stop and smell the sweet spring aromas, as you search for your S-words for today’s blogging posts.

Savory seasonal scents are simply sacred. Step in the garden in your strappy sandals, and you will see for yourself. You may not even need a sweater!

Guess what? Just seven more daily posts to go, and the A to Z Challenge will be complete!

Happy A to Z!

Don’t forget to bookmark the Meme Express, so you can return for additional blogging prompts, as the A to Z Challenge continues throughout April.

Please leave a comment below (with a link to your post), so readers can visit your blog!

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  1. 'Subscribers' would be a great topic. We're all trying to build the blogs.

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