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Zipping to the Finish with the A to Z Challenge

Zipping to the Finish with the A to Z Challenge


Here we are. It’s the last day the A to Z Challenge. Are you ready for Z Day? The zinnias are nearly ready to bloom in some gardening zones and zip codes. How about yours?

Zap! That's a rap!
Congratulations to all bloggers who participated – and particularly those who made it through the entire alphabet in April!

Here’s a tune just for you!


Happy A to Z!

You are invited to bookmark the Meme Express, so you can return for additional blogging prompts. Please leave a comment below (with a link to your post), so readers can visit your blog!

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  1. It was a fun challenge, wasn't it? Stressful but fun. Please find my latest A-Z Challenge blogs here:

  2. I wouldn't know a zinnia if I zeen it.
    Congratulations x 4 for jobs well done blogging through the alphabet.
    See you Monday!

    Tossing It Out



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